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  • Heroes

    Thank You!

    Thank you for serving our country!

    Most Americans never really understand the sacrifice our military and their families make every day for us to be safe, secure and healthy. They never ask and very seldom are recognized for the sacrifice they make. They protect us, they heal us, they keep our freedom, they are the true hero’s. This is my way of saying thank you, thank you for all you do and for the sacrifices you and your family make every day for me, my family, my friends and the United States of America.

    We give back 25% of our commission to all active military personnel, retired veterans.

    This is our way of saying Thank YOU!

    MRP_Logo_1.png DidYouServe.org

    I took the pledge to serve our veterans on DidYouServe.org 

    When you use one of our Did You Serve assigned realtors to buy or sell a home using our brokerage E 5 Realty, the agent will give you 25% of their earned commission back to you to use for closing cost or down payment.


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